Different Cultures, Different Traditions

Turing into a woman is a big part of any woman’s life. However, every culture has different ages and different traditions to celebrate when a girl becomes a woman.

I will talk about the Mexican Culture and how they celebrate Quinceanera.  

Quinceanera’s are a big part of a Mexican  woman’s life. This is a tradition that has been brought down for many years. When a woman turns 15 it means that she is now a woman. In the American tradition when a woman is 16 years old that is when she turns into woman. They call it a Sweet 16 for Americans. And other traditions the age varies depending on the type of culture.

This party has to be amazing with the fancy dresses, high heels, event Center, Friends and family, and transportation. The girl that wears a white dress similar to a wedding dress, but sometimes bigger. They have an entourage group with all their friends who are part of the party.

Step one: Find the best dresses to wear.

At this point in her life a woman wants to be fancy and where the best. Sometimes the dress is not always white but in very bright colors. It all Depends on the choice of the birthday girl. After the dress has been found the rest of the party make sure that their addresses and tuxedos fit. After every whether he is good with their clothes it is time to learn how to dance.

Step two: The party practices dances the they will perform on the day of the party. This could take up to five weeks. The birthday girl will have a dance with her group and then a solo dance with her partner. She will also have a father daughter dance. The reason for the celebration is step three.

Step three: The church ceremony is a big tradition when turning 15. The girl is confirming in front of family, friends, and God that she is now turning into a woman.  

Step four : Get luxurious transportation. For a Quinceanera you have to get a limousine. The one my cousin used for her Quinceanera is right here called Limo Sacramento. If you needed suggestions on what time of transportation is needed for these types of events. You will have an entourage of 16-25 people and the best way to get around in style is by getting the right transportation. 

Step Five: Get a large hall so you can dance. The next step is the gather all your friends and family in one spot and start celebrating. Lots of amazing food, conversation, and music to celebrate a girl turning into a woman.

Step six: Father daughter dance is a must. If your father is still alive, be grateful to him as he see’s his daughter grow up. Dance with your dad so this can be a special memory in both your hearts.

Step seven: Take lots of pictures so that you can always remember this special day. You do not want to miss a thing. Make sure to have disposable camera on the tables so that your guest can take pictures too.

I only talked about the Mexican culture , but like I said earlier, every culture is different and the age a woman becomes a lady could be different.

Learn more about your ancestors and ask you family what age is it you your culture.



Strangeness and Clouds

There was once a town in the heart of America where all life seemed to live in harmony with its surroundings. The town lay in the midst of a checkerboard of prosperous farms, with fields of grain and hillsides of orchards where, in spring, white clouds of bloom drifted above the green fields. In autumn, oak and maple and birch set up a blaze of color that flamed and flickered across a backdrop of pines.

Then foxes barked in the hills and deer silently crossed the fields, half hidden in the mists of the fall mornings.

Along the roads, wildflowers delighted the traveler’s eye through all of the year. Even in the winter the roadsides were places of beauty, where countless birds came to feed on the berries and on the seen heads of the dried weeds rising about the snow. Others came to fish the streams, which flowed clean and cold out of the hills and contained shady pools where trout lay. So it had been from the days many years ago when the first settlers raised their houses, sank their wells, and built their barns.

Everything suddenly began to change. Some evil spell had settled on the community. Flocks of chickens for sick and died. The cattle and sheep also died. Everywhere was the shadow of death. There was a strange stillness. The bird had gone. It was a spring without voices. Silence lay over the fields.

This town does not really exist, but it might have easily have a thousand counterparts in America or somewhere else in the world. I know of no community that has had all the misfortunes I describe.

A grim specter has easily become a stark reality.



The secret to life

The Secret changed my life.



What is the Secret you ask? Well, The secert is the law of attraction.

We are born not knowing exactly our purpose and what we were meant to do. That’s something that we have to figure out on our own. When you’re born no one gives you a rulebook On how to live life. You kind of just start trying things.

After I graduated from the University with my bachelors degree I went straight into the retail workforce. It was good and the beginning and I liked what I was doing, but then it started to take over my life.

I was spending more hours in the day working then with my own family. That’s when I decided to follow my gut and quit. Right after I quit I went into a State of depression because for once in my life I didn’t know where I was supposed to go next. The first 21 years of my life I was told to go to school and finish college. After they tell you to finish college and you do finish college, then what?

 You are thrown into the real world to survive on your own with some debt included. So basically they throw you into the real world with debt. Your first encounter with the real world is debt.

You’re forced to shuffle around to find the best job you can and hope that has benefits. I was put into this position to find another job in order to make money to survive . Not knowing what I want to do because I don’t know the opportunities are out there. During my time of depression I prayed to God and ask him to give me a sign on how to bring happiness into my life. After night of tears, the next day I woke and decided to start watching Netflix. While I was scrolling through the movies I came across documentary, The secret .

Not knowing what this documentary was all about I decided to watch it. The secret is The Law of Attraction. If you understand the law of a traction then you will be happy. Everything is energy, life is energy so when you put all your energy and all your thoughts and all your mind into something that you want that energy you start attracting energy to the life that you’ve always wanted.

I have attracted everything that has came into my life and it’s been subpar. I am now in visioning my reality to be a grand fascinating life.

My mind is now only filled with happiness and Joy. 

Homo Sapiens

A new study has been made that humans interbred approximately 100,000 years ago earlier than we thought. 40,000 to 50,000 years earlier than we thought.

This new study reports that genetic analysis of the remains of neat and dearth all women detect residual DNA from Homo sapiens. If you did not know this is a sign of inter-species mating.

Scientists are now accepting the timeline of when humans migrated out of Africa to other parts of the world. This discovery was made by the Institute of evolutionary anthropology. Another theory that was discovered was that interbreeding a rose from failed dispersal.

This just means that a small population was not able to establish lasting colonies with large numbers of population. For staying in be this just means that a small population was not able to establish lasting colonies with large numbers of population. Forcing inbred manners.

The remains of the woman where this discovery was made was in Mongolia. Neanderthals lived in Europe and Asia and they have believed to have died 40,000 years ago. Last week a study was also made that if you have the DNA of an the Neanderthal DNA it can boost your risk of tobacco addiction. In the past they have found studies with suggested risk of depression and allergies.


Apple Security



Can you believe that Apple engineers have already begun to develop a new form of security that would make it impossible for the government to break in all our phones.

According to CNN  and people close to the security experts were the way we were able to obtain this information people. Apple is upgrading their security so that it will enforce new laws that will challenge the government.

Even if the presidents administration fights back there will be limited things they will be able to do. The FBI would have to find another way to intervene into iPhones. Apple security is setting up more technical fixes and advances in their security. Did you know that federal wiretapping laws require traditional phone companies to make their data super accessible to law-enforcement agencies. But big companies like Apple and Google may not be covered because of their new security.

Congress may have to get involved. So the main thing that companies want security is to prevent the hackers and the software bugs in the patch holes to leak through. But recently they are trying to protect themselves against government involvement. Apple is changing their operating system to include new security measures.



What’s Up World!

Hey, whats up ya’ll! My name is Todd and  Carrie and we want to share our life with you all.

This blog will be very miscellaneous because every topic will be different about my everyday life.

I hope we share similarities and that my experiences help make the readers lives better.


Todd and Carrie

Carrie: photographer.