5 Ways To Get Over a Break-Up

September 7, 2017 admin 0

5 Ways To Get Over a Break-Up   Break ups are never easy, except for maybe the asshole with no feelings. But you’re normal so you have normal feelings which mean that you are probably hurting really bad right not. Your stomach is tied in a huge naught  that no one else can feel, but you. You don’t feel like doing anything other than be alone in your room at 2 PM in the afternoon with all the lights off. You can’t eat or sleep and everything seems to magically remind you of your ex and your relationship. The tears seem to always come at the worst moment and you just hope they don’t come out when you are around people so that they don’t [Read More…]

8  Different Ways to Love Yourself

September 5, 2017 admin 0

8  Different Ways to Love Yourself Be an Alien Be creative and imagine that you are an alien from outer space. You come from another planet and take the form of a human her on earth. The human body looks just like you. You look around and everything is new to you. You can start living a life from scratch because you know no one and nothing. No one is effecting your emotions and all opportunities are available to you. What would you do? Imagine every and any possibility is possible, what would you decided to take the time to do?   Take the first right step Start something NOW. Do not wait until tomorrow. You have to start today and be ok with if [Read More…]