5 things you missed from the Kendrick Lamar concert in Sacramento

5 things you missed from the Kendrick Lamar concert in Sacramento- August 13, 2017

So I recently went to the Kendrick Lamar concert in Sacramento, Ca at the new Golden 1 arena they just built in Fall 2016. I am one of those people that does not like to buy a concert ticket until last minute. My cousin and I went to the box office and asked if they had any tickets left.

We ended up paying less than some people who sat behind us which was cool, but the guy behind me was hitting my head accidentally with his hat which was annoying. Ok, anyways well here are the 5 things that Kendrick came out with in his The DAMN Tour concert.

1. Kendrick’s entrance came with a loud explosion:  Almost gave me a heart attack, but was a great entrance. Kendrick didn’t come out till about 9:45 PM but when he did he made it really intense and got the crowd going for a good five minutes until a little loud expert explosion was heard and he came out with ninjas.

2. Kendrick was singing with a ninja behind him: The first song he came out to was DNA. And it was lit. And when he play the song element he did it with a ninja behind him doing flips and swinging a large sharp sword around. It was a pretty cool scene. Kendrick only had one backup dancer for maybe just two songs the rest was just him for an hour and a half straight. He also had a martial arts master come out during intermission and displayed his skills in the middle of the audience wearing a white silk suite. 

3. Kendrick went from yellow suit to Red suit: Kendrick came out with a yellow jumpsuit with lettering on it that I could not read but then he switched halfway through the show into a red one that look the same just a different color. 

4. Kendrick played a song elevated on his side: Kendrick came out to one song on his side levitated in the air with his back up dancer below him also levitated on her side and they were bobbing their heads to the song ‘Yah’ Kendrick also went to the middle of the crowd and had his stage risen up maybe 12 feet in the air with lights dangling on it.

5. Kendrick found the Golden Light: During the concert there was a lot of little clips that were shown of Kenny the ninja and the fighting turtle. At the end Kendrick showed us a clip that he had found the golden light and he winked at us. The glowing light was a woman’s vagina.

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