5 Ways To Get Over a Break-Up

5 Ways To Get Over a Break-Up


Break ups are never easy, except for maybe the asshole with no feelings.

But you’re normal so you have normal feelings which mean that you are probably hurting really bad right not. Your stomach is tied in a huge naught  that no one else can feel, but you. You don’t feel like doing anything other than be alone in your room at 2 PM in the afternoon with all the lights off. You can’t eat or sleep and everything seems to magically remind you of your ex and your relationship. The tears seem to always come at the worst moment and you just hope they don’t come out when you are around people so that they don’t ask you the dreaded, ” What’s wrong hun?” knowing well no one wants to hear your sob break up story. You don’t want to talk about it anymore either because it will just make you cry more.

Yes girl, I’ve been broken up with so I know the feelings. They suck. But let me tell you that even though it hurts like hell right now, that with time things will get better. Things will only get better if you have faith that they will.


Here are 5 different things I started to do in order to get over the break up and be myself again:


Self-Talk / Self- Love

Self- talk is number one because it is the most important. I do not care if you do not read the rest of this article as long as you have this one engraved in your brain. Self-Talk and self-love is the most important thing anyone can do for themselves if they want to live an amazing life and get over that hurtful break up.

I have talked a lot in my blog about the Law of Attraction because I believe in it. I put all my faith in a Law instead of the stupid make believe stories I am creating myself in my brain. Our brain likes to trick us to try and keep us safe. Once you understand your brain you can start to control it better and your life.


Thank goodness for the time delay.

A lot of people have trouble believing the Law of Attraction because things aren’t instant, therefore, the Law of attraction does not work. FALSE.  There is a time delay that helps us and the universe actually understand what is it that you are truly focused on.

If you are focused on getting your summer body back  but every day you tell yourself you’re fat, you eat unhealthy, and sit on the couch; what do you think the focus is here? You are putting more attention and focus on what you do not what, therefore, the Law of Attration states: “Your wish is my command,” because that is REALLY what you are putting your focus on.

Your brain is so powerful that you can change your thoughts in seconds. Start telling yourself every morning and night that you are the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. That you already have your summer body. You will start to notice that the universe will start to rearrange itself to exactly what you are focusing on.


I used to be such a negative talker. Telling myself that I was fat and I would make it into a joke with my family and friends. Not understanding that I was really putting focus and energy into being fat. And guess what the universe told me? ” We hear you! You are fat!”

I have changed my mind since then. I no longer make fat jokes about myself.  I now tell myself the following every single morning and night:

I am beautiful

I know I am beautiful

I already have a model body

I am worth it

I am worth unconditional love daily

I am the most awesome person I have ever met


I am beautiful inside and out

I am a Love magnet

Everyone loves me

I love myself

Whatever  you need to tell yourself to align with your goals , DO IT! Tell yourself your deepest wishes and say them out loud every day.

Then believe your words and watch magic happen.


  1. Work-out

Working out doesn’t mean do outside and train for a 35 mile marathon. Working out is basically moving your ass for 30 minutes without sitting down. If you walk for 30 min or do P90x for 30 min both are considered moving off your ass and getting your heart pumping.

Being active is another thing you MUST learn how to love if you want to live a happy life.

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard any famous stories of someone who laid in bed all day long.

Make it a new priority that you must workout at least 30 minutes a day. Your body will thank you and your mind will start to feel better because it is noticing the action of working out. Working out = good.

I tell myself these things when I need motivation to work out daily:

I have an amazing body that needs daily loving

Time is an illusion, therefore, there is always time for the gym

I am beautiful

I am the best

All great men want me because my body looks good

My body looks good because I take care of it everyday

I am healthier because I go to the gym daily

I am living longer now because I take care of my body

Tell yourself what is needed to be said to get the job done. Trick your brain daily because it is trying to trick you back. Be smarter than your brain and take back your life.

Working out will help you get over any break up because you will start to feel slowing better about yourself. You will notice that other people are starting to notice all the hard work you are doing. Make it a revenge body that is a double win for you. If you see you ex again, he will notice your amazing new body and want your back OR if you are fully over our ex , he will see you and you can say, ” You can look, but you can’t touch!” loud and proud because you feel and look amazing.

Working on yourself and your body is win win!


  1. Hobbies

What are things you love to do or new things you want to try? Now since you have a little more time on your hands, start new hobbies.

For me, my hobby has always been soccer. I play on a Co-ed indoor team every Tuesday night that gets me out of my house and distracted from my own brain. I am doing something I enjoy doing, I am exercising, and I am focusing on feeling good.

I also enjoy painting. Painting relaxes my soul.

This is also a great thing to do because it transmits energy into what you draw. So if you love to paint also and you usually paint one woman portraits where the women looks sad and lonely, what can I expect your current relationship status to be?

Change your usual paint jobs and draw something new. Draw a happy couple walking on the beach.

Draw what you want to attract and look at every day and believe 100% that will come into your life.



  1. Read

Reading is a great way to stay distracted from a break up. Make sure you do not read romantic books with sad endings. Read books that will help you in the direction that you want to go.

Right now I am reading several self-help books because I want to be a person with more self control.  My break up thought me that I am a very impatient person and I really need to learn self-control and how to be calm in stressful situations.

Reading has molded the way for meditation in my life. Aside from working out daily, I also meditate daily because I have found that EVERY SINGLE successful person meditates. They know the SECRET to life. They know that your brain does not know the difference between an illusion you are thinking about and the actual physical thing.

That is amazing information to know.


So this basically means that life has limitless possibilities to whatever kind of life you want to have. You just have to see it in your brain and believe that is true. So simple, but so many people do not apply the magic of the universe.

You do  not have wish something big as your first wish. Wish something small and witness the magic.

The first time I felt the magic was when I used the Law of Attraction to attract a parking space right in front. I told the universe, ” I want the  closest parking spot to the front of the store,” then I made the illusion in my brain that I pulled my car into that parking spot. I visualized the color of my car and it pulling up and me being excited that I got the space. I thanked the Universe before I even got the parking spot for giving me the parking spot. I believed with everything I had that I was going to get that parking spot.

Guess what?

I got it!

The Law of Attractions is a LAW for a reason.

So back to the subject of reading, read books that will distract your mind from your ex.



  1. Be grateful everyday

If you want an amazing future you have to be grateful for what you already have right now. Even if you do not have much you have to thank the Universe for allowing you to be alive. Be thankful for anything good in your life. Thank the Universe for allowing you to have one dollar in your wallet.

Being grateful is a good feeling and with you produce good feelings the universe will shower you with more good feelings.

Good feelings are life’s magnets to what we want to attract.

Be grateful that your are alive and that you have a family that loves you. Being grateful with make you feel a lot better about your break up. It will bring clarity in your life.

After I wake up and before I go to bed I tell the universe thank you about 80 times.

I feel so much better because I know that there are worse situations on earth than hurting from what a little boy said about me. I shouldn’t be crying over this man that broke my heart, but be grateful that I still have a meal to eat.



  1. Forgive the past and Trust the Universe

In order to fully get past your break up you have to FORGIVE. You have to forgive your ex, your enemies, the guy that cut you off this morning, or that girl that you haven’t liked since first grade. You have to FORGIVE everyone.

Not for them, for you.

Forgiving them will let your body let go of unwanted, built up stress and anxiety.

You will feel a release of tension. Let go of the past and the universe will start showing you thanks by add new amazing things into your life.

Forgive the past and make sure that any energy you use in the future is worth it.





You are worth it.

You are beautiful! Not because I believe it, but because you SHOULD believe it!

You are beautiful.

You are beautiful.

Now go with the flow of the Universe and see the magic happen before your eyes.






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