8  Different Ways to Love Yourself

8  Different Ways to Love Yourself

  1. Be an Alien

Be creative and imagine that you are an alien from outer space. You come from another planet and take the form of a human her on earth. The human body looks just like you. You look around and everything is new to you. You can start living a life from scratch because you know no one and nothing. No one is effecting your emotions and all opportunities are available to you. What would you do? Imagine every and any possibility is possible, what would you decided to take the time to do?


  1. Take the first right step

Start something NOW. Do not wait until tomorrow. You have to start today and be ok with if you fail. Instead of wasting vast amount of time trying to figure out the perfect exact moment that aligns with your moon sign and all the planets are in a straight line, you have to start now. You need to start with what feel right and keep following that amazing feeling inside you. Answers to solutions reveal themselves through doing, not thinking. No matter how clueless you feel always pay attention to opportunities that present themselves in front of you. Take the first step toward something that feels right and see where you go, and do it now!


  1. Do your best wherever you are at

After the first step,  appreciate wherever you are at instead of feeling impatient about it. You might land on an amazing first stepping stone that catapults you to your purpose in life. Or it could be an unpleasant stepping stone that that teaches you a lesson towards the next stone. First or last place, appreciate always where you are at because you alive and breathing. Everything you do contributes to your success.



  1. Don’t reinvent the wheel

Look at people around you. What are they doing with their lives? Whose life makes you jealous out of your mind? Get specific about what you like by taking notes from other people’s lives you want. It means that you would like to live something similar, but make is specific to your wants. Read things you like and hang out with people with common interests. Doing this may present you with many new opportunities without having to invent the next amazing robot that is going to land on the moon.



  1. Don’t get caught up in the hype

A lot of people feel that their calling should smack them across the face with a sign that says, “THIS IS YOUR CALLING!” because they have heard of people that knew exactly what they wanted to do at 3 years old.  Just feel good knowing that you will probably fulfill many callings while you are alive.


  1. Listen to your Gut

Dedicate some time listening to your intuition and gut. Many people call this meditating. You already have all the answers you need and all you have to do is allow yourself to accept them. Take 5 minutes out of your day, preferably in the morning, to sit quietly and let your mind wander. Feel the vibrations.




  1. Follow your fantasies

What do you wish was actually true? What do you fantasias about? Tap into what brings you happiness and jump! Jump into the deep end without looking back. Make sure money is not an issue in this exercise, because it isn’t. Our creative fantasies are the best in indicating  what something really means to us. It represents the baddassest versions of ourselves.


” Our fantasies are our realities in an excuse-free world.”



  1. Love yourself

There is only one of you. No one else is like you. Love yourself everyday because you’re the last of your kind. You are the most unique thing on this plant and it is best that you start acting like one. Give yourself daily affirmations. Affirmations to yourself are the most important thing anyone could do for one’s self.


If you want more steps on how to achieve self-help on how to love yourself you can check out this blog HERE for more tips!





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