8 Things You Should Know Before Putting On Your Make-Up

8 Things You Should Know Before Putting On Your Make-Up

Many women believe that all it takes to put on make up is simply some foundation or some powder. But ladies I am here to share with you that is not the case. Applying make up is definitely a process and should not be taken lightly.

You want to make sure you are still taking care of your face before and after you start applying thick coats of make up that make contain dirt that can clog pores.

You need to make sure that your face is clean and gets cleaned everyday to take care of your skin. To my surprise, many people still choose to skip this step because they do not feel like it is important. However, after days of not cleaning your face the dirt build up starts to add up and take a toll on your skin and body.

Before your use any products on your face, you have to make sure you take care of your skin on that beautiful face first.

1. Wash your face when you wake up and when you go to bed: You should wash your face every single day without a fuss. Use a gentle that does not have harmful ingredients that will not leave your skin too dry or leave flakes. Look for products that say they do not have any parabens, sweet smells, or alcohol. Use warm water and either with a clean face rag or face brush and thoroughly rinse away all the make up and dirt.

If you do not wash your face then that leave you more susceptible to break ups and clogged pores. You will be that one girl that is constantly going to the bathroom to add more concealer to her pimples that everyone can still see anyways. Don’t be that girl and take 5 min out of your day to clean your face.

2. Exfoliate your face twice a week: As you wake up each new day our body does things that allow for you skin to start over on a new leaf. Our face grows new layers of skin every day, but if you do not exfoliate your skin then you are left with dead skin cells that can make your skin look rough. When you your remove those dead skin cells and reveal a fresher, smoother surface on your face.

3. Apply Toner: Toner is used to balance out your face by helping your remove any remaining traces of dirt and oil you may have  missed. Just add some toner to a cotton and pad and apply to your face. I prefer to used a with no alcohol so that it does not burn my face. Depending on the type of toner that you use it can also add so extra moisture to hydrate the skin.

4. Always moisturize your face day and night before and after you apply make up: After you wake up, wash your face,and use toner you need to always apply moisture to your face. Even if you think your face is too oily and you do not need to make your face more greasy then it already is, you are wrong. You must always apply moisture. There are two reasons for the important of applying moisture. The first one is that is hydrates your skin to make your skin feel fresh and radiant all day. Second, because it tricks your brain into believing that your face already has oil and that it does not need to exert any more. If you do not add moisture and it is just your face oil then your body will continue to produce more face oil because it needs to in order to keep your face hydrates. So if you apply your moisture then your face will begin to balance out your face oils in correlation to your face moisturizer.  After you take your  make up for for the day and clean your face and are getting ready for bed you must also apply moisturizer on your face. This allows for your face to stay hydrated all night long without dirt on top of it like it has throughout the day. It allows your face to repair itself from the damages it has gone through, meaning all the make up you put on your face. Make sure you let your moisturizer to sink in your face for about 5 minutes before applying primer.

5. Always add a primer before your make-up: Right after you apply moisturizer you and almost ready to apply make-up but there is one more step. Before you add your foundation you must apply primer for a couple of reasons. Primer helps smooth out the creases on your face so that when you do apply foundation it goes on smoother and it doesn’t look so dry. Some primers have SPF that can help defend from the damages of sun radiation. Primer also helps get rid of that shiny forhead look you get with you take pictures and your forhead has a large flash coming out of it in all your photos. gives you that matte photo finish look with your make up. The main thing is that primers help give your make up a more natural look and glow finish.

6. Apply under eye cream: I do not know about you but I have bags under my eyes when I wake up. However, the skin under your eyes is more sensitive then the rest of your face and therefore you should not use the same moisturize as your face for under your eyes. The get their own special cream. I apply it before I put on my primer and make up and I also apply it right before I go to bed. This helps give my eye bags some hydration and also helps smooth out the creases with I apply my make up.

7. Apply sunscreen: Even if its cloudy outside you should always try and remember to add sunscreen to your make up list. is so beneficial to anti-aging and should be used daily in your make up routine. Before your primer, add a little bit of sunscreen to your face, ears, neck, and chest. You can use ordinary sunscreen, however, you will have that sunscreen smell. There are sunscreens specifically make for before make-up use that I recommend instead. These sunscreens give you the protection you need and does not have that powerful sunscreen smell all over your face.

8. Always take off your make up before you go to bed: After your long day and you are ready for bed you must remember to take off your face. This is so important because if you leave your make up on your are letting dirt build up on your skin causing clogged pores which inevitably lead to break outs and acne. Most people do not know this, but every time you leave your make-up on you age an average of 9-16 more days than someone who takes off there make up and washes their face before bed. Every time you wash your face you are helping prevent future break outs.  You are also helping your skin from aging faster than it should. Wash your face before and after make up will leave your skin more radiant and youthful than ever before you might end up wearing make up in the long run.

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