Is Apple Technology Government proof?



Can you believe that Apple engineers have already begun to develop a new form of security that would make it impossible for the government to break in all our phones.

According to CNN  and people close to the security experts were the way we were able to obtain this information people. Apple is upgrading their security so that it will enforce new laws that will challenge the government.

Even if the presidents administration fights back there will be limited things they will be able to do. The FBI would have to find another way to intervene into iPhones. Apple security is setting up more technical fixes and advances in their security. Did you know that federal wiretapping laws require traditional phone companies to make their data super accessible to law-enforcement agencies. But big companies like Apple and Google may not be covered because of their new security.

Congress may have to get involved. So the main thing that companies want security is to prevent the hackers and the software bugs in the patch holes to leak through. But recently they are trying to protect themselves against government involvement. Apple is changing their operating system to include new security measures.

Apple even wrote a letter to their customers telling them that the data is their own research and the contents of your personal iPhone is none of anybody’s business. The FBI wants to ban Apple from installing a new software that strips away several security features. If Apple band these new software’s then it will be easier for the government to get into our phones. This is a vulnerable thing that Apple is working on.

An Apple representative that the security measures will continue to improve and Apple engineers have begun to work on a solution. The company is regularly meeting for possible solutions and posting it to their customers. They recently published several security updates and gave credit to several researchers who hunt for holes in the companies software.

Apple’s response to the FBI has become too trend. Apple has not made it easy for the FBI to get into our phones which is being challenged in court. The government has tried to force Apple to have kids on code but the company had designed a lock they cannot break. Apple says that they were asked to write a code to help the government break into any iPhone but Apple told the government that they are asking for something they do not have.  

Customers are worried because security features often  make products lower.


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