7 Tips to Arranging a Quiñceanera- Latin America Traditions

Turning into a woman is a big part of any woman’s life. However, every culture has different ages and different traditions to celebrate when a girl becomes a woman.

I will talk about the Mexican Culture and how they celebrate Quinceanera.  

Quinceanera’s are a big part of a Mexican  woman’s life. This is a tradition that has been brought down for many years. When a woman turns 15 it means that she is now a woman. In the American tradition when a woman is 16 years old that is when she turns into woman. They call it a Sweet 16 for Americans. And other traditions the age varies depending on the type of culture.

This party has to be amazing with the fancy dresses, high heels, event Center, Friends and family, and transportation. The girl that wears a white dress similar to a wedding dress, but sometimes bigger. They have an entourage group with all their friends who are part of the party.

Step one: Find the best dresses to wear.

At this point in her life a woman wants to be fancy and where the best. Sometimes the dress is not always white but in very bright colors. It all Depends on the choice of the birthday girl. After the dress has been found the rest of the party make sure that their addresses and tuxedos fit. After every whether he is good with their clothes it is time to learn how to dance.

Step two: The party practices dances the they will perform on the day of the party. This could take up to five weeks. The birthday girl will have a dance with her group and then a solo dance with her partner. She will also have a father daughter dance. The reason for the celebration is step three.

Step three: The church ceremony is a big tradition when turning 15. The girl is confirming in front of family, friends, and God that she is now turning into a woman.  

Step four : Get luxurious transportation. For a Quinceanera you have to get a limousine. The one my cousin used for her Quinceanera is right here called Limo Sacramento. If you needed suggestions on what time of transportation is needed for these types of events. You will have an entourage of 16-25 people and the best way to get around in style is by getting the right transportation. 

Step Five: Get a large hall so you can dance. The next step is the gather all your friends and family in one spot and start celebrating. Lots of amazing food, conversation, and music to celebrate a girl turning into a woman.

Step six: Father daughter dance is a must. If your father is still alive, be grateful to him as he see’s his daughter grow up. Dance with your dad so this can be a special memory in both your hearts.

Step seven: Take lots of pictures so that you can always remember this special day. You do not want to miss a thing. Make sure to have disposable camera on the tables so that your guest can take pictures too.

I only talked about the Mexican culture , but like I said earlier, every culture is different and the age a woman becomes a lady could be different.

Learn more about your ancestors and ask you family what age is it you your culture.


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