What to Expect When Traveling to Turks and Caicos Island

What to Expect When Traveling to Turks and Caicos Island

Turks and Caicos Island, TCI, for short, is a British Territory that is made up of large Caicos Islands and smaller Turks Islands. It is located in the Caribbean sea region.The resident population is very small there as the location is primarily known for tourism.

My best friend and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Turks and Caicos Island, and let me tell you it was the best decision we have made. Our trip is scheduled from Aug. 13-Aug. 16 2016.

Turks and Caicos is known to be a very expensive tourist location, as everything on the island has to be imported from somewhere else.Gas is up to $9.00 a gallon, a case of beer is $69 dollars, a toothbrush was $6.00. Milk was between $8-10!



In order to afford to go there we decided to try Airbnb. It would have been the first time I try Airbnb, and not going to lie I was a bit nervous because I did not know what to expect. I read bad reviews, but I did not want fear to stop me from having a good time while paying for a great deal.

We found a private room for $43 dollars a night ! The average price range for a standard room on the island is $646-$1,673. Some locals told us that some people spend up to $20,000 for the week on the island.

The island is famously known for attracting the more wealthier of the tourist. Kendal Jenner was there on the island 2 days before we got there.

With such a low price, we did not know what to expect on quality. When we got to the airport we were surprised that our Airbnb host had arranged for us to be picked up free of charge. Such amazing hospitality.

The driver took us to our private room in an apartment complex and gave us the key. The room was a small room with one bed, bath, and small kitchen. It was not luxurious, but that did not matter because all we needed was a clean bed and shower. We spent an average of $100 for two nights ! Super affordable and we probably had the most fun.



We first left our room and started wandering to the beach. We walked past some of the biggest and most beautiful villas we have ever seen. You definitely had to be wealthy to be seen in one of those.

We ended our walk on the beach. At the beach, the water was clear blue and you could see a massive coral reef right on the ocean floor. People were seen around snorkeling, as Turks and Caicos is known to be the most popular location for snorkeling.


We decided to jump in the ocean and to our surprise the water was warm! The water was perfect swimming temperature where it was not to cold and not to hot. Just right. I did not want to get out.

We found ourselves among hardly no people and with the beautiful beach to ourselves. We were able to sit on some chairs we found outside a villa that were not being used by the villas owners. We chilled on the chairs staring into the ocean for maybe an hour.

When we got up, I saw the Villas owner looking our direction. He did not seem to mind that we were sitting on his chairs and he walked away and did not say anything to us. That was really nice of him because technically we were trespassing on someone else backyard.

The sand was perfect and clean. We walked barefoot most of the trip since the sand was free from garbage and sharp objects.

That night we got cleaned up and headed to Mango Reef for dinner. Mango Reef is known to be a higher end tourist restaurant which is pretty pricey. The average main course meal ranged from $23-$55. The food was to die for. We had the seafood pasta and boy was it fresh!




The following day we decided to try and rent scooters. We were unable to rent scooters people smart people had already called in advance to reserve them. However, we had the option to rent bikes and we did.

We got on our bikes and started to ride around the island. Everything was super close ! We rode our bikes for about 15 minutes before getting to the first beach, Bight Park. Cute park with hardly any tourist. We decided to continue riding.

We came across Grace bay, where there were more tourist and the bigger resorts. One of the things on our to do list was to go parasailing. We went on a mission to do so. We came across this man names John who directed us to parasailing and the next thing you know they were strapping us up and we were in the air.



Parasailing was amazing! It cost about $85 per person, kinda pricey, but it was worth it. We were able to see the whole island from the sky. We stayed up there for about 15 minutes. We were able to see the biggest coral reef from the sky as the sea below were clear waters.

After parasailing, we met some locals who directed us to our next meal at Mr. Groupers restaurant. This was a local Turks restaurant and was not as expensive as Mango Reefs.

I had the grilled Grouper fish sandwich and my friend had the fried Grouper sandwich. OMG! That was some fresh fish ! I always try and find local restaurants and local food because usually it is better and cheaper than expensive resort food.

That night we got ready and went out for a night beach walk. The weather at night was just as beautiful as the day time. Warm and perfect. There was no one out at night as we walked along the beach alone. The water was still clear at night as we looked at the coral reef and the moon at the same time.

The next morning we had to head back home and again with amazing hospitality out driver picked us up and took us to the airport. Our Trip was short, but nothing less than amazing. I would recommend this island to anyone, but remember to be weary that this island can turn out pricey if you do not plan your trip ahead. The water is perfect and the people are so nice. This was a great trip for us girls, but wow it would be an amazing honeymoon.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go start planning your trip to Turks and Caicos!

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